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راهنمای خرید و استفاده از کباب پز تابشی سالاماندر

Salamander’s barbecue (with sliding elevator) is used to cook for barbecues, grilled chicken, kebabs, chickens, hamburgers and other foods in restaurants, industrial kitchens, traditional kettles and grills

The ability to increase and decrease the distance between the location of the spikes and torches has made the salamander radiant barbecue become the most widely used radiant barbecue in the market

The ability to cook a variety of fish, steak, hamburger and … along with all kinds of grilled roast, chanterelle grill, kebab, chicken . This is the answer to a wide range of customer requirements

Salamander barbecue ( with sliding elevator) is produced in four capacities of 20, 30 and 40 sticks and a desktop model with a capacity of 12 sticks

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Benefits of Salamanders Barbecue Radiation

cooking without smoke
Bake a variety of kebabs, grilled fish, chicken, chicken, hamburger, ready-made meal and
There are 20, 30 and 40 sticks and a 12-sided desktop model
Possibility to adjust the table of the device to closer to the radiant heater for achieve the desirable cooking
Bake steady
It is possible to separate the grid (shalf) of the machine for easy washing