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کباب پز تابشی محصول شرکت مهر تابش استیلا

What is Radiation Barbecue

Radiation Barbecue is a tool for baking kebab, pizza, and hamburger  by thermal energy.The energy generated by the burning of urban gas, causes the ceramics to be heated in this device.When the ceramics get hot, the heat energy is radiate to the surface of the kebab, pizza, hamburger and other foods. This energy evoked causes the food to be cooked inside the machine

Radiation barbecue is made in Mehr Tabesh stilla. This product has been able to achieve Iran’s standard health certificate from the Ministry of Heal.Using radiation barbecue, you can cook kebab and chicken kebab in the shortest possible time.Using this device can saves your gas consumption

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About Us

کباب پز تابشی محصول شرکت مهر تابش استیلا

About Mehr Tabesh stilla

Mehr Tabesh Stilla Arak have many years of experience in the production of Radiation Barbecue
The company use the latest equipment in the world in its workshops. Engineers and specialists of this company are very experienced. The company have the ability to produce a variety of radiant barbecues. All products of this company are provided with one year warranty and 10 years after-sales service

Radiant barbecue was first designed and invented by Karbala Bros. in Iran. This device has a patent certificate as well as a standard Iranian certificate. Currently, 20 kinds of radiant grills are produced at this factory. In the kitchen equipment market, the use of these increase well and people , restaurant ,hotel and fast foods are going to buy this device

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مهر تابش استیلا
مهر تابش استیلا
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